Based on a commission with very clear ideas, which consisted of a very tight budget, reduced deadlines and energy-efficient construction, Alventosa Morell Arquitectes designed a completely prefabricated and flexible timber house located in Santa María de Palautordera, in the province of Barcelona.

The dwelling, fully personalised and adapted to its natural surroundings, is made up of six modules obtained from a bioclimatic study aimed at improving comfort and meeting the requirements of energy demand (established by the Building Platform Passivhaus).

Each module adapts independently to the site and frames the trees belonging to the property, adapting the areas between them depending on the use required by its inhabitants: catching the sun during the winter, with a greenhouse effect, and transforming into a covered outside terrace linked to the garden during the more temperate months.

The use of timber as the principal material, for the structure and finishes, has made it possible to optimise the details of the construction and its costs. At the same time, the new construction has succeeded in becoming integrated and merging in with the natural setting of the Montseny, characterised by its rich vegetation.

The interiors, also in timber, contribute an air of warmth and cosiness to the areas. The large windows let in light and views of the enviable natural landscapes that surround the house, achieving a sense of respect and a rich relationship with the surroundings - an essential requirement of the initial commission.

Architecture + Design

Alventosa Morell Arquitectes




Adrià Goula

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