Windows on 2nd to 5th floor:
Fixed window for openings measuring 332 x 170 cm formed by: 1- Chestnut wood profile frame laminated in five layers with maximum durability, heat-stable adhesives for outdoor exposure of a cross-section 215 - 270 x 100 mm with top quality chestnut veneer wood to ensure the clean appearance of the grain and varnished with Lasurs using dye-dipping with two coats of water-based varnish. 2- Securing of the frame using galvanised steel plates squares e = 3 mm of 6 x 10 cm attached to the concrete wall every 50 cm using 7.5 x 60 mm self-threading steel screws and frame secured mechanically to the squares using 40 x 5 mm screws. 3- Frame sealed against concrete opening using expansive seals and outer line of transparent neutral silicone. 4- Sealant under frame with expansive seal to e = 40 mm. 5- Formation of gradient using 1:6 cement mortar finished with waterproofing paint. 7- 8 - 12 - 4 + 4 mm laminated double glazing with sanded edges with treatment for low emissivity, light transmission above 50%, sun factor between 25 and 30% and heat transmission U = 1.6W/m2K. Perimeter of glass wedged and separated against the recesses of the frame and the glazing bead using continuous lines of plush measuring e = 2 mm, sealed on the inside and outside with transparent neutral silicone with any excess removed to ensure the geometry of ¼ round 8 - 4 x 2 cm glazing bead with lower recesses to fit geometrically in frame and with a 3 x 3 mm recess for room for sealant silicone, attached to the frame using 3 x 40 mm brass truss-headed screws every 30/35 cm. 9- “L”-section blind protection profile made of 80 x 80 mm stainless steel 3 mm thick, attached mechanically to the sides and bottom of the frame using 5 x 40 mm brass screws every 40 cm. 14- Drainage hole every 40 cm. Complete element according to details with CE marking.

Windows on 1st floor:
A split window frame was fitted on the first-floor windows. At the top is a tilt and turn window that can be opened for ventilation and at the bottom a fixed-glass window.

Outer weatherboards on 1st to 5th floor:
On the outside, a weatherboard for the water outlet made of folded AISI 316 stainless steel plate measuring 1000 x 550 x 3 mm 1700 x 550 x 3 mm thick, finished with a blasting treatment using glass spheres as a surface finish, countersunk folds and holes (5) for mechanical attachment to the wooden frame and stuck using epoxy adhesive and staples on the outer side on gradient mortar following rendering of the surface.

Ground floor windows:
61 mm-thick, bullet-proof double glazing was installed on the ground-floor windows (Class BR2/S according to Standard EN 1063:2001, Category P4A according to Standard EN 356:2001), made up of Criblind 255 / 20 mm cavity / interior Crisunid 68/4, with sanded edges and low emissivity treatment, minimum light transmission of 50%, sun factor between 40% and heat transmission U = 1.4W/m2K.
The seal between the glass with structural silicone and a 6 x 6 cm square section stainless steel profile measuring 6 mm in thickness to guarantee BR2/S.

Wooden exterior cladding on the ground floor and first floor:
A range of outer doors was installed on the ground floor (with 20 cm extended section chestnut frame measuring 6 cm in thickness) and an outer finish of chestnut veneer slats (finger joint system) with an extended section of 140 cm x 4 cm thickness to simulate an adjustable louver shutter to allow for ventilation in the areas requiring as such. The total thickness of the doors is 10 cm.
The door hinges were made expressly for the project, in AISI 316 stainless steel with the steel plate to a thickness of 3 mm and the flat surface 63 mm in depth to cover the recesses in such thick carpentry.
All of the doors are finished with the same varnish as the other windows on floors 2 to 5.

Outer weatherboards on ground floor:
An AISI 316 stainless steel weatherboard was fitted on the outside of the windows of the ground floor measuring 6 mm in thickness to guarantee BR2/S, with blasted finish using glass spheres as a surface finish and a lower fold to improve the water outlet.

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