Old premises were renovated to convert them into a Caixa d’Arquitectes office for dealing with the public.

Wall panels with an oak section in triangular form done in DM fibre veneered in oak 1 mm thick. The joints of the profiles are also hand veneered. All varnished in two different tones, in natural colour on one side and on the other in hazel colour. The interior structure of the lining and the central counter is done in sections of Flanders pine 4.5 x 4.5 cm.

Swing doors encased in lining with encased hinges from Koblenz, Kubica model, and superimposed aerial closure from the Dorma brand. Lacquered on the inside. Lining for false ceiling with rectangular sections of DM fibre veneered in oak. With built-in lights by Hera. Furniture in oak veneer 1mm thick, varnished in natural colour with polyurethane varnish.

Architecture + Design

Alejandro Garcia, Roger Mayol, Jonatan Domènech

Construction company



Ivan Raga
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