The project proposes to extend a building by adding a second floor. This extension is for a single dwelling.

One of the most characteristic elements of the dwelling is its building system. Proposed as a response to the need to adjust load conditions on being an addition in height to a pre-existing structure, KLH cross-laminated timber panels have been used for all load-bearing internal walls and for the ceilings. The uniqueness of the construction system has meant that the wood has not been purely a necessary structural element, but has rather ended up playing a leading interior role and influencing the whole system of finishes and chromatic tones in the house.

The roof of the building is partly a roof terrace and partly a sloping roof, with both parts being linked to the dwelling immediately below. The area is accessed during the day.

The kitchen and the living room are open areas with communication between them. The internal load-bearing wall is blurred, making it possible to blend these two main areas in an attempt to achieve clarity and the maximum sensation of size.

The living room is situated in the south-eastern corner, with a large window with views and optimum orientation. The kitchen is the area that organises the inside of the home, and is the heart of the dwelling. It forms a continuous whole, front to back.

The kitchen acts as a reception area, and leads into the living room, to the stairs going up to the loft and to the landing giving onto the bedrooms.

The bedrooms are arranged around a spacious landing extending the whole length of the north-west façade: 1.35 metres wide, 15 metres long and double height with the loft: a connecting area that gives onto the bedrooms, but which is also part of these. There is a constant blending of the light from the windows in the northern facade, and the intense light from the south that enters via the loft. Each bedroom is designed as cell open to the landing, yet at the same time independent, with sliding doors which adjust the degree of relationship desired with the rest of the dwelling.


Josep Carreté


Keymer, S.L.


Josep Carreté

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