2,300 m2 panelling in false ceilings and vertical panels made with phenolic resins by TRESPA, model A0823, colour salmon, 8mm thick. The panels measure 180 x 58.5 cm and were mechanically installed using stainless steel bolts of Ø12mm. All the bolts were lacquered in the same RAL colour as the Trespa panel.
The panels were bolted to a structure of laths of autoclaved Flanders wood in 12x4.5 cm sections and painted black so that green coloured pine cannot be seen from below. The laths were bolted to a structure of iron in 6x6 cm sections that were hung from the 50-80cm concrete structure to allow for passage of installations for water, lights, wiring…
Some of the panels also acted as hinged registers to permit access to the installations. They had 5 highly padded hinges and three spring locks.
Lights, ventilation grates and built-in loudspeakers were installed.

Pergolas of IPE in 12x5 cm sections bolted to each end with a metric bolt of galvanised steel on each side of the jardinieres.

Handrails in sections of IPE 11x5cm with rounded upper edges. Finish in water-base varnish from Becker-Acroma at 400 micras/m2.

Architecture + Design

Varis arquitectes (Daniel Freixes)
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