Soldevila carried out the carpentry and joinery for this project in Terrassa, designed by the architectural team of GreenLab Architecture (Bascompte Francisco), and executed by the constructor FERPIBASA S.L.

External wooden doors and windows:
External facade in solid Flanders pine. Consisting of fixed windows at the bottom up to a height of 100cm, and single and double pane windows from a height of 100cm upwards.
GU brand metalwork with mushroom head locking bolts, with tilt and turn opening for the active pane and an automatic opening lever for the passive pane.
Hoppe brand Paris model aluminium handle.
Woodwork finished in Becker - Acroma brand water-based varnish at a ratio of 300 microns/sq. metre in three coats (primer, undercoat and finish).
Double-glazing with 6mm outer pane, 12mm air cavity, and 5mm inner pane.

Facade external window struts:
External window struts (where the Warema Venetian blinds run) made from Flanders pine, with the same external varnish treatment as the wooden windows.

External Doors:
Armoured Outside Entrance Door to the rooms, consisting of:
83 cm wide, 210 cm high and 7 cm thick door panel, with DM lacquer on the inside and covered with Prodema Prodex board on the outside (the same reference as the ventilated facade). Flush with the external façade to blend in.
Tesa brand three point security doorknob.
Four AMIG brand chrome steel security bolts.
JNF brand stainless steel L-shaped inside handle with circular metal rosette, and a JNF brand 25mm diameter stainless steel outside handle.
Brass spy-hole in chrome finish with a wide angle of vision.
AMIG brand internal concealed draught excluder at the bottom of the door.

External cladding:
PRODEMA brand PRODEX model external cladding in 6mm thick thermal-hardened phenolic resin board and an external finish in natural Okume veneer.
Attached with BOSTIK PANELTACK adhesive to wooden members previously treated for Class 3 use in accordance with UNE 350-1 and 350-2.

Electrical cabinets:
Electrical cabinets for housing electric panels, BIES and other elements, constructed in Flanders pine and with the same PRODEX board as used to clad the external facade. With concealed cup hinges.


Simeresa S.L.


Green Lab

Construction company



Ivan Raga

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