The project was approached as a continuation of the building’s façade, with rectangular elements, avoiding uniformity due to the size of the surfaces to be covered. To achieve this, besides working with the sizes of the panels, it was also decided to use different veneers, stained OAK, MONGOY and EBONY, and another element that would break with all the others, scalloped mouldings veneered with natural OAK of 35x30mm, with 25mm separation between the mouldings, against on a board upholstered in black.

Finally, to bring out the contrast, the boards were separated, leaving spaces of different widths, vertical at 15mm, or horizontal at 10mm, with the background in black. All this was fixed to structures of solid wood, which besides raising it a level make it possible that in the area of the skirting board and the cornices there is the sensation that the panelling is floating.

The technical parts are integrated into the whole: the RF doors are panelled and the ventilation louvers are integrated with the mouldings, leaving the latter without the board behind them in order to permit ventilation. Background is painted black.


On a great wall whose lowest point is 7.55 m and the highest 12 m, with a total width of 23.8 m, the project was approached as a continuation of the auditorium, creating three great areas and modifying the existing metalwork.

Two basic panels are used: one with scalloped mouldings veneered in natural OAK 35x30 mm with a separation between them of 25 mm and set on board upholstered in black; another in the form of a square, with board back and perimetric frame of 100x60mm with hollow frame in the lower part containing vertical lighting LED to cover the board with light.

On the return wall an irregular group of frames is created with mirrors completely covering the frames.

Design + Interior decorating

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT


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