Casa Mimosa is the new hotel in the H10 Hotel chain, located in the same block as La Pedrera, and over which we have privileged views.
The project consists of the reforming of a Modernist residential building from the beginning of the last century, in order to convert it into a 5 star hotel with 48 spacious rooms and common areas.
The design created by the studio of the interior designers Tarruella Trenchs Studio succeeds in creating a modern, elegant and relaxed atmosphere, combining the restoration and conservation of original parts of the building with modern fixtures made of different materials and finishes. Our technical team has been working since the beginning of the project with the team of interior designers and architects, helping to define and provide technical solutions in order to enable the final development of the project and ensure that the work is carried out properly.

Our technical team defined completely all the elements of the furnishings and woodwork that made up the rooms (flush technical doors, concealed hinges and door-closers, fireproof MDF panels, bed headboards, cupboards built into the panelling, desks, etc.). We also built a show room so that the project management and the client could check the pros and cons of the project, thereby enabling us to ensure that the project would end up being carried out as well as possible.

These are some of the elements that Soldevila manufactured in this project

Bed headboard:
A smooth headboard consisting of 3 parts: a central part attached to the wall and two 45 cm wide sides set at an angle of approximately 160˚. Made of MDF board veneered in American walnut by combining different sheets to simulate a solid panel, edged on the 4 outer edges with a wooden strip in solid American walnut. LED strips with diffuser on the top edge and built-in reading light in the wooden panel. Finished with an open pore matte varnish, giving a very natural appearance to the wood.

Bedside table:
A small cylindrically shaped table made of board veneered with American walnut, with 1 open shelf forming a niche. An interior finish with the same natural varnish as the rest of the furnishings and the outside coated in leather with double open lockstitch.

Central tables:
Small cylindrically shaped table made of steel profile finished in brushed brass, on black lacquered glass.

Writing bureau:
Bureau consisting of a top made of board veneered in American walnut. A frame for a mini-bar fridge with front panelling made of oak veneered board. Finished with the same open-pore matte varnish, giving a very natural appearance to the wood. Set upon a table leg structure made of steel profiles and brass caps, with a single handle made of 5 mm steel sheet machined to be built into the door of the mini-bar frame, and with a black lacquer finish.

Base cabinet:
A cabinet with 3 doors made of board veneered with American walnut to simulate panelling, finished in the same natural varnish as the rest of the furnishings, 5 mm handles made of 5 mm steel sheet machined to be built into the door, and an interior with adjustable shelves made of imitation wood melamine. The cabinet is faced on the top, side and front in 6 mm Black Venato stone with mitred and polished edges, and set upon a furniture leg structure made of steel profiles and brass caps, with a black lacquer finish.

Wall assembly with painted paper:
Assembly consisting of 4 movable panels, manufactured in MDF board papered on the facing side with decorative painted paper and on the rear side with board lacquered on the movable panels. In front of the decorative paper was placed a mesh woven with nylon and brass threads, and the board is edged with a perimeter frame consisting of a brass “L” profile with a polished gloss finish. All of this hung and attached to a wooden frame in the shape of a semi-open screen finished in lacquer, forming the front of the cabinet.

Full body length mirror:
Wall mirror made with a support of black melamine board edging, a 5 mm mirror with polished edges and 50 x 50 mm surrounding brass frame, creating a 20 mm moulding between the frame and the mirror. Attached to the wall with a slight tilt and resting on the floor.

Washbasin mirror:
A mirror set in a surrounding brass frame with a 20 mm “L” shaped profiling. Fixed central part with two hinged flaps. One of the hinged flaps has a magnifying mirror attached to the mirror. There are LED strips with a diffuser on the top and bottom edging of the central mirror.

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