Wood decor:

The Jack&Jones store was fully renovated with fir wood recycled from pallets to match the design theme of the brand itself.

In addition, the walls were then clad with rectangular pieces of painted ceramics.

The various elements were: a 22 ml long, 100 cm wide and 30 cm high U-shaped decorative ceiling in recycled wood, suspended on metric rods fixed directly into the metalwork of the structure. This structure was constructed out of solid wood and B-s1-d0 fireproof boarding with the same shape. Sheets of solid recycled euro-pallet fir of different widths and thicknesses were then set in place to match the new image of the brand worldwide.

The furnishings consisted of shelves, central gondola shelving, sofas and clothes hangers, all made from recycled fir wood.

In the area set aside for changing rooms and clothes display dummies, the walls and ceilings were clad with a solid pine structure, prepared for passing through all necessary corrugated conduits for electrical installations, and then clad with 16 mm thick B-s1-d0 fireproof board on both sides. The interior of the changing rooms were clad with DM fibre-board coated with a rough finish primer, to be subsequently painted and given the right texture. On the outside they were clad with the same solid wood as the ceilings.

Instead of rendering the surfaces and then affixing the ceramic elements, the store's structural pillars were factory prepared to facilitate the installation work on site and move from a wet to a dry construction. Sections of L-shaped DM B-s1-d0 fireproof fibre-board were fitted and the ceramic pieces were affixed to these. The pillar was rendered to join up two L shapes and the whole assembly was then painted in the same finish as the other walls.


Jack & Jones

Project execution management

Albert Vidal

Construction company



Ivan Raga

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