The construction; is located in the mountain range of Collserola, in la Floresta, the extensive natural park in Barcelona and part of the Vallès.
The project arose from a number of earlier conversations with the client, where the architects shared their concerns about the depletion of the sources of fossil energy, as well as the need to be more respectful of the more immediate environment.

On the basis of a climate study for the land based on the filtering of official data from the Catalonia Weather Service, Meteocat, results were obtained that determined the passive strategies to be pursued in order to reduce energy expenditure. Using these strategies (cross ventilation, solar protection overhang between equinoxes, the use of the thermal mass of the slabs, etc.) it would be possible to increase user comfort considerably with energy efficiency and cost reduction.

-A reduction of the ecological footprint by using local materials that are natural and with a minimum natural impact (rock wool, fir timber, etc.).

-Any type of condensation is avoided by constructing a healthy house with the exclusive use of breathable materials.

-Building with natural materials makes it possible to prevent and control the toxicity of the materials used.

-A 70.6% reduction in energy consumption compared to a conventional house of the same projected characteristics. An Energy Efficient home.

-Economic savings. Based on the results of the thermal analysis and according to the prices provided by the National Energy Commission, it guarantees annual savings in heating of 701 euros (378 euros the frame system, and 1.079 euros the conventional one).

The windows are made of laminated Flanders pine timber varnished with a water-based varnish (solvent-free), and with a natural colour without any type of stain.

The fixed frame with 2 bevel square glass panes is made without fitting its joint at the edge.The two panes are double-glazed and the glass joint is clean as a result of having one of the edges of each pane inset.

The glass panes have a low emissivity coating, reinforced with a solar control layer, and the gas inside the chamber is argon in order to reduce the thermal coefficient of the whole unit even further. The glass unit has a thermal coefficient U of 1.1 W/m²k (EN673) and a solar factor g of 0.28 (EN 410).

The system takes advantage of the air chamber in the glazing to conceal a Blindglass brand aluminium Venetian blind with a magnetic mechanism and a cord to raise and tilt the blinds. Having the blinds inside the glass avoids the need to put blinds on the outside, while also helping to improve the reflection of the sun’s UV rays.

Vertical roll-up mosquito screens are fitted to the outside of the windows, and the balcony doors are fitted with a sliding “track” type mosquito screen system.

Once opened, the outer sliding balcony doors are concealed inside the partition.



Architecture + Design

Alventosa Morell Arquitectes


Ivan Raga

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