Soldevila manufactured and assembled the entire interior module for the vestry of the façade of the Passion in the Sagrada Familia.

This project is stems from the Sagrada Familia architectural team, which is led by Head Architect, Jordi Faulí, following the directions of Antoni Gaudí’s original project.

The entire project was previously laid out using 3-D techniques, and was mechanised directly with a five-axis CNC program, using the three-dimensional model made by Soldevila.

The vestry links together two totally different sections.

The lower part is made of laminated oak and comprises an enclosure that separates the larger, more monumental area from a private area, where the priests prepare and dress themselves before holding religious ceremonies.

The upper part is finished with large, transparent glass panes, which connect the oak barrier with the vaults and the sloping roof.

The oak enclosure is polygonal in shape, in terms of both plan and elevation views, and is formed by large-scale pentagonal sections measuring 240 x 190 mm. The wood used is natural laminated, glued oak, which has been used in order to achieve the desired geometrical form and provide stability to the construction elements.

The finishing touch is varnish with a natural open-pore effect, retaining the original, natural look of the wood, without altering its colour.

The glass panes, which are completely transparent, allowing visual contact between the inside of the vestry and the outside. Printed designs were used on the triangular glass panes.

The upper part of the enclosure consists of 6 + 6mm laminated, tempered glass, with a sheet of 2 mm-thick Sentryglass; this allows the pane to maintain its stability, reduce flex to a minimum and retain its shape.

The glass panes are linked to both each other and the roof – by means of stainless steel clamps, with a shiny, gloss finish and with four axes of gradation.

The two large, double-access doors to the vestry are also made from oak and feature Simonswerk 640 3D hinges to support them, due to the weight-bearing requirements. The door handles are brass; the Gaudí model, and are a reproduction of those designed by Antoni Gaudí in his works.

The interior of the vestry features several large cabinets for the priests’ chasubles. The cabinet has been made using marquetry techniques, it is made from oak veneer and takes on different shapes.

The inside of the vestry also contains a large oak armoire, with forged ironwork decorations, that originally belonged to the cabinet made by the craftsmen who worked with Antoni Gaudí. The original was destroyed by fire, however the forged decorations survived and were restored. A new armoire was made, which is a reproduction of the original.


Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família


Jordi Faulí, Alejandro Seoane, Marta Miralpeix


Ivan Raga

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