Outer shutters for two dwellings, constructed in Flanders pine with walnut colour lazure and three layers of Becker-Acroma brand water-based varnish at the rate of some 300 microns/m².

The shutter slats are made of 10x3cm Flanders pine.
The metal structure of the shutters consists of 35x35mm iron profiles painted with Titan Oxiron Forja 204 black paint.

The sliding and hinged shutters incorporate Saheco brand upper guides and mechanisms of SF-A126 and SM-432D models.

The shutters’ automatic locking mechanisms are AGB brand black zamak locks.

The façades are covered in Flanders 10x2cm wood on pine wood strips treated with Corpol PF3 Risk Class 3 in accordance with CTE, and with a veneer finished in walnut colour water-resistant lazure and water-based varnish.

The cladding for the window jambs consists of three-ply board in Flanders pine with walnut colour water-resistant lazure and a water-based varnish.

The banisters are made of three-ply Flanders pine board surrounded by an iron framework at the perimeter.

Architecture + Design

Elisabet Claró


Rolandia i Bramora


Ivan Raga

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