Soldevila installed the Sant Gregori school exterior wooden lattices and fences, according to a design by the architectural firm Coll-Leclerc.


Wooden lattices in Flanders pine with hot galvanised steel frames.

The wood chosen for the lattice was 90 x 45 mm section Flanders pinewood, autoclave treated with organic salts for Class 3 use.

Untreated Flanders pine is not long-lasting outdoors, and it was therefore given a double autoclave treatment with organic salts to achieve Class 3 use.
The first treatment was performed with colourless Corpol PF3 protector, protective fungicide and insecticide. The second treatment was performed with PF3 Corpol Colour, a protective fungicide and insecticide that is pigmented with mineral pigments and act as a filter against ultraviolet rays, preventing photo-degradation of the wood.
All treatments were open pore, thus preventing the Lazure finish from peeling and aiding maintenance work.

The steel edging frames are made of a welded 90 x 90 mm L-shaped section, galvanised to protect them from rusting.

The wooden slats are attached to the steel perimeter frame with AISI 410 stainless steel bolts. Threaded rods are placed inside the battens with stainless steel caps to ensure a uniform separation between the slats and prevent possible distortions or movements of the wood.


Wooden fencing made of round cross-section Scots pine posts.

The wood chosen for the fencing was 100 mm diameter round wild pine, autoclave treated with organic salts for Class 3 use.

The Lazure finish is the same as that given to the wooden lattices.

The system was constructed using hot galvanised steel bases secured to a concrete foundation using self-tapping screws, with the wooden post being inserted into the base and secured with self-tapping screws. To avoid possible movements of the fence due to the height of the posts and to hold the posts together, a brace was fitted in the form of a 40 x 2 mm hot galvanised steel rail at the top of the post, secured with a screw to each of the posts’ top bases.


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