Soldevila carried out the vertical cladding, the false ceiling and the stage in Sant Gregori School’s multipurpose function room - a project designed by the architecture firm Coll-Leclerc.


The vertical cladding for the multipurpose room can be divided into smooth cladding and acoustic cladding.

In both cases it is a system for lining the walls with fireproof MDF fibreboards, with B-s2-d0 fire reactivity, veneered in natural maple and varnished with fire retardant M1 varnish.
The boarding is attached with chemical adhesive and pins to the structure of 45 x 45 mm pinewood battens, and secured mechanically to the wall with screws.

The acoustic cladding has the same basic acoustic fibreboard made of fire retardant MDF with maple veneer and varnished with fire retardant varnish, but it has holes drilled at the front and is grooved on the reverse side, and contains an acoustic fabric to provide it with acoustic properties.


The cladding for the false ceiling is triangular in shape in an attempt to simulate waves. It is made with fire retardant MDF fibreboard, with B-s2-d0 fire reactivity, and is painted with black M1 fire retardant paint.

On the horizontal part of the false ceiling the fire retardant MDF fibreboard is attached with adhesive and screws to a double structure of 45 x 45 mm pinewood battens secured with threaded rods bolted directly into the concrete slab.

On the sloping part of the false ceiling, the MDF board is attached with adhesive and screws to a structure of 45 x 45 mm pinewood battens which are secured to a number of pinewood master guides at different levels to give the boards the angle that allows them to simulate waves. These guides are in turn secured to the concrete slab with threaded rods.

Spaces are left between the boards to accommodate the light boxes.


The structure of the stage with plywood porticos creates useful storage areas using wooden pillars and beams in glued laminated spruce, treated with protective fungicides and insecticides.

The panelling secured above the plywood porticos is in 6 cm thick cross laminated KLH, attached with self-tapping screws to the portico’s laminated spruce beams, to create the base of the stage. Industrial varnished maple parquet is then added.

The front of the stage is closed off with a series of cabinet doors in MDF fibreboard veneered in maple and varnished with fireproof varnish. The doors are attached to the laminated wooden pillars to allow quick access to the inside of the wooden structure, where all the multipurpose function hall’s chairs are hidden away.


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