Decorating the Superdry shop in L’Illa Diagonal shopping centre in Barcelona according to the specifications of the interior design project by DM Interieur BVBA and the Superdry group's corporate brand image.

The walls of the shop combine five types of materials: facing bricks, natural oak boards, aged Belgian pine boards and black iron sheets and HEAs.


Soldevila carried out the lining of the oak walls, with 14 cm wide, 22 mm thick solid boards in French oak.

Prior to lining with oak, partitions were made using 45 mm thick pine supports to create false partitions and to prepare the base for subsequent lining with oak.

In the fitting room area the walls were made with pine joists and then lined with natural oak boards.
The doorway frames for the fitting rooms were also crowned by a piece of oak.
Inside the fitting rooms the rear wall was lined with white painted MDF, and then a mirror was fitted with lighting around the sides.
The benches in the fitting rooms were also made using the same oak boards as the walls.


The payment counter was constructed from three sections forming an angle of 135°.
The counter top was made of oak.
The vertical part of the front of the counter was lined with natural untreated iron sheet, topped by an iron rail and exposed iron bolts.
The back of the counter was made from black melamine and contains shelves and drawers.

The area behind the counter was fitted with shelving that occupies the whole of the oak panelled back wall.


The shelves are made of 55 mm thick oak panels glued together by the edges. The brackets that hold the shelves are made of natural black iron rail.


The display section that gives onto the interior of L’Illa is made of two 240 x 240 mm HEAs in natural black iron. A number of MDF boards were fitted between the two HEAs and finally lined with vertical wooden boards of aged Belgian pine, contrasting with the oak in the interior of the shop that has a natural warmer colour.


Osaka 68 S.L.

Interior decorating

DM Interieur BVBA


Ivan Raga

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